Why a Virtual Assistant?

Why would you hire a Virtual Assistant instead of an employee?

You will save money:

  • When you hire a Virtual Assistant (VA), you will only pay for the time on the task or project.  You will not pay for breaks, sick time, vacation time or any other down time.
  • A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor so you will save by not paying for taxes, worker’s compensation, medical and dental benefits.
  • You will not need office space or equipment for the Virtual Assistant since they work out of their own office.

You will save time:

  • By outsourcing your administrative work to an experienced professional, you eliminate the time spent training a new person.
  • By using a trusted service like Virtual Business Services, you will have the time to spend doing the things you want to do rather than worry about getting the tedious work done. Wouldn’t you like to spend more time building your business? Or better yet, spending time with your family?

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